Expertise : Resources

"Key to success for any project is People with domain experience and expertise"

We have achieved success through deployment of resources at right and at right place, key resources are People, Equipments and Network of vendors & logistics providers has enabled the Company to establish an enviable record in the infrastructure sphere.


The Company's talent pool consists of a highly experienced and capable team of experts in project management, design and project execution across all the businesses. It comprises of project managers, construction managers, surveyors, field engineers and skilled technicians. They are well experienced in their respective fields and well versed both with the conventional as well as advanced methods of project execution in extreme climatic conditions & diverse terrains.


The Company possesses sophisticated tension stringing machines, mobile & telescopic cranes, batching plants, concrete mixtures and other heavy duty construction equipments, which gives us edge over others to complete projects on time and every time, when time is essence of the project cost over runs.

Vendors & Logistic Providers

The Company has strong network of vendors and logistics providers in India and across the globe. It deploys the latest equipment to deliver the best results for its clients.